These will be my notes on haskell studies. First I’ve added the solutions I’m working on for the Typeclassopedia, and just found my old notes on folds and records for reference.

Sometimes reading Haskell concepts, I wonder if I should understand a subject like Type Theory better. Here’s a note to a book that was recommended if I wanted to supplement in this.

I might also consider learning some Coq or Agda.

A suggestion was made for monad transformer exercises at

To read: - - (allows to import qualified with one name)

Call your programs --help from stack? stack exec hares – –help

19:58 <MarcelineVQ> sure,   stack exec myprgram -- --help
19:58 <MarcelineVQ> and I think in ghci you can use :main and pass it
arguments as thought you're calling your program from cli, can't

Reading list: